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{ the 3rd }  simply green

They say the color green strongly influences the heart, helps alleviate tension and enhances generosity.  Just a few reasons to fill your home with greenery at all times!  I grew up with a deep love and appreciation for all plants. My mother is an avid gardener with an incredible green thumb and my father was forever growing seedlings out of everything on the kitchen counter.  Watching and waiting for the sprout was always fun.  Through the years I have learned that plants take attention, patience and understanding like any relationship.  When you give them attention they flourish and when you don't they don't. 


Not everyone has a green thumb and even those of us who do struggle with certain types of plants. It's a journey.   I have yet to grow a proper herb garden but it is on the top of my list this year! 
I have finally found a visually pleasing box grouping for a corner in my back yard and I'll be working on it this summer.  Through the years I have also struggled with indoor plants so I like to mix faux and real to keep it all green and beautiful.  

These days you can find such realistic looking greenery it's incredibly hard to tell the difference.    I love walking through Hobby Lobby's greenery department for small fillers (especially when the category is 50% off).  Their succulents selection is divine. At Sanctuary we carry a vendor out of California that sells us marvelously realistic looking trees and shrubs you will see around our store.  They can be pricey but are worth every penny as they make all the difference in the world.  


Florida was named "Florido" by Ponce de Leon in the early 1500's.  Florido in Spanish means "full of flowers" and if you live here you should really take advantage of bringing the outside in because it is plentiful. I love to snip away outside and display them in pretty vases throughout my home.  And on early mornings on bulk pick up days you can find me lurking around my neighbor's piles to find cool plant cuttings for the store.  When I find perfect Monstera Leaves in a pile it is like the gods have shown light upon me that day.  My children have also picked up on this feeling and bring me flowers from their walks that we put in vases in the kitchen. The tradition will live on. 


HANGING PLANTS:  I love the drama of carefree yet manicured long flowing varieties.  I have filled the store with faux hanging bean pods and am now placing them anywhere I can in my client's homes and in mine alike! 

JADE:  My mother gave us a very old Jade plant and my husband made a bunch of clippings we have repotted throughout.  I am now busy planting some for some of our containers in the shop. I love the smooth leaves and modern asian vibe it gives.  Plus, Jade is a very low maintenance plant making it easy to live with.  

OUTDOOR CLIPPINGS:  Clip away and experiment.  It is such fun and it's free!  

Send me a few of your creations I'd love to see your work.