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Karavia delivers the beauty of seagrass along with easy maintenance in this innovatively beautiful collection of indoor/outdoor rugs. Available in various sizes and patterns.
Delivery time Floor model has been sold. A new one can be ordered at a 2-3 week lead time. Please call for delivery estimate.

This indoor/outdoor collection perfectly mimics the detailed texture and natural coloration of actual seagrass. Perfect for all seasons, this collection delivers lasting beauty in high traffic areas.

Care Instructions

Vacuum regularly to remove surface soil. When vacuuming, set the beater bar setting to the highest adjustable height setting to prevent damaging the rug's surface.

Long ends may work to the surface after sue or vacuuming. Never pull these ends out of the rug but rather trim them even with the rug's surface.

Clean spills and spots immediately. Never rub a spill, always blot to prevent fraying of the yarns.

Periodic professional cleaning is recommended.

Use a rug pad under the rug to extend its life.

Rotate the rug at least once a year, twice if in high traffic areas. Over time, constant traffic patterns will begin to show. This process can be slowed dramatically by rotating the rug, adding years to the rug's life and allows the rug to wear at the same rate.